In Loving Memory of Hoss 


Hoss is the face of Integrity Construction. He was the perfect inspiration for our Company logo. He still remains the face of our company to this day.



                                                                                           Flexibility, Innovation & Results - for a Lasting Partnership



That's the guiding principle behind Integrity Construction Group, Inc's approach to doing business.



Founded in 2012 by Terry Egley, Integrity was established. Terry having over 30 years of experience with project management, accounting control, field supervision, estimating, and oustanding customer service started Integrity as a solo endeavor. Between staying overnights at jobs to maintianing her office during the day. In 2013, she hired her first employee and after almost 12 years Integrity has a full staff including our own in house drywall team.  Integrity brings experience in local building projects to the table and has earned the enviable reputation of being a dependable, no nonsense construction company who consistently delivers rock-solid results, on time and within the budget. We cover all aspects of Construction including: 

m  ny years of 

- Commercial Interior Renovations

- Pre- Construction Budgets 

- Value Engineering

- Construction Management

- Accounting and Cost Control

- Demo and Drywall Repairs

- Quality Control



Our Market: 

















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